Introducing KeeperChatTM

The world's most secure messaging app for all your devices.

Easy and Secure Messaging

Send private messages to friends, family members and colleagues. KeeperChat has best-in-class security with end-to-end encryption for messages at rest and in transit.

Vault Protection with Fingerprint Access

Your private messages are stored in a secure, digital vault which you can access using your fingerprint on supported devices. Your vault is protected with "self-destruct" against hackers and has full backup protection.

Advanced Control and Privacy

If you don't like your message - no problem. You can retract it. You can also set a self-destruct timer on highly sensitive chat messages and media attachments. Retracted and self-destructed messages vanish without a trace.

KeeperChat - Message Retraction

Private Media Gallery

Securely share sensitive photos and videos with complete privacy. Photos and videos are saved to your private gallery without leaving a trace on your camera roll.

Reliable Messaging on Any Device

Message from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
Your message history and chat threads sync across all your devices.

Private Group Chats

Communicate and collaborate with groups of friends, family members and coworkers.

Personalized Messaging Experience

KeeperChat allows you to customize your messages with themes and stickers.

Works with Your Keeper Password Vault

KeeperChat was created by the same team who created Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault. Your login credentials for both vaults operate seamlessly.

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Messages and Files are Safe

We are fanatical about protecting your messages and privacy. Unlike other messaging applications, KeeperChat is built using a zero-knowledge security platform to ensure your information is safe from hackers and prying eyes.
  • Private Master Password

    Only you have knowledge of and access to your Master Password and your encryption key.

  • Cloud Security Vault

    Keeper utilizes Amazon AWS to host and operate the encrypted Cloud Security Vault providing customers with secure backup and availability on all your devices.

  • Two-Step Verification

    KeeperChat supports two-step verification, fingerprint login and Keeper DNA® which uses personal devices like your smartwatch to confirm your identity.

  • Strongest Encryption

    KeeperChat protects your information with 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2, widely accepted as the strongest encryption available.