KeeperChat: Your Secure Text Messaging Solution

KeeperChat: Your Secure Text Messaging Solution

You know as well as us that when it comes to privacy, you can never be too cautious. As technology advances, so too must our vigilance in keeping our information protected. We send and receive an incredible amount of sensitive information every day on our phones, yet neither standard text messaging or available app services provide the protection necessary to keep your communications secure – until now.

Introducing, KeeperChat: Your secure text messaging solution

Send a message with a career ending typo? Want to make sure that sensitive documents and trade secrets are kept out of the hands of a former employee? Or maybe happy hour got the better of you and you instantly regret the text you sent on your way home?

All of the above and more can be remedied with KeeperChat. From message deletion and timed self-destruction to screenshot notification and prevention, KeeperChat works to bring privacy back into your life.

Set Messages to Self-destruct

Need your private photos and messages to disappear? We’ve got you covered with our self-destruct message timer. Set a timer on individual messages allowing the message to self-destruct once read by the recipient after a set amount of time.

Retract Messages without a Trace

Said something you regret? Retract it! Remove any message at any time from the conversation with no indication that the message was ever there or removed.

Private and Encrypted Media Gallery

Need to store sensitive photos and videos in a private and hidden media gallery? Photos sent, received, and taken within the app will never be stored on your devices main gallery.


Secure Password Protected Login

People are nosey. Password protect your messages with KeeperChat. We provide an added layer of protection by requiring users to log in to view their messages and access the app.

Multi Device Access

Need to pick up that conversation on another device. Not a problem! Access your entire message history on any device with KeeperChat.

Group Chats

Need to connect to a large group of people? Start a conversation with groups of your friends, family, or colleagues in one place. Add or delete participants when necessary. Group chats lets you chat with an unlimited amount of people.

With KeeperChat, you can count on the same level of protection for your messages that you’ve come to rely upon for password and file security. By implementing our zero-knowledge architecture at the core of our messaging service, you can be certain your communications are known only to yourself and its intended recipients.

KeeperChat is available now for iPhone, Android, Mac, & PC and can be downloaded below:

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