Why You Need KeeperChat

Why You Need KeeperChat

Ever send a text message to someone accidentally?
Ever have someone go through your text message history?
How many times have you sent sensitive photos over the phone or email?
Do you need a secure way to send personal information?

When it comes to privacy, you can never be too cautious. As technology advances, so too must our vigilance in keeping our information protected. Texting has quickly become the most common method of communication globally. It is so easy to use that we don’t often think twice about sending personal information to those we trust; however, the products we use to communicate were not built to handle this information securely. With secure features that guarantee your information remains in your hands, KeeperChat helps you outsmart potential threats and avoid embarrassing moments. 

Because… mistakes happen
Retract messages without a trace.

With KeeperChat, you can avoid the embarrassment of that mistaken text by instantly retracting it. Retracted messages disappear immediately without showing any evidence of it ever being there. Save Matt’s surprise party and download KeeperChat today!

Because… people are nosey
Password protected messages with KeeperChat.

Text messages and current messaging apps only require you to log into your phone to view your messages. KeeperChat adds a second layer of protection and password protects your messages with two-factor authentication. Keep prying eyes out of your messages and take control of your privacy with KeeperChat today!

Because… photos leak
Private & encrypted media gallery.

KeeperChat enables you to store private photos and videos in a secure and encrypted media gallery. Photos taken or sent through KeeperChat remain in KeeperChat and will never be downloaded on your phone’s main gallery. Share images confidently and have peace of mind knowing your personal information will not be compromised. Download KeeperChat today!

Because… you deserve privacy
Set messages to self-destruct.

Not in a private setting where you can speak over the phone? Send it with a self-destructing timer on KeeperChat! Decide how long your recipient will be able to view your message once it is read using our self-destruct timer. Control your conversations with KeeperChat.

Why else you might need KeeperChat:

  • Because you sent something you regret.
  • Because you want to retract that late night message.
  • Because you need those photos to disappear.
  • Because you need a secure way to share your credit card and password information.
  • Because you text the wrong thing to the wrong person.
  • Because you want to know when people screenshot your chat.
  • Because you want to pick up the conversation on your tablet.
  • Because it is easy to use.
  • Because all your friends will be on it.
  • Because you want to use the world’s most secure messaging app, KeeperChat.

KeeperChat provides the highest level of privacy, security, and storage for text messaging. It enables you to chat with peace of mind knowing you are in control of the content you share, and who you share it with.

To experience all the features of KeeperChat, you would have to combine multiple messaging apps. See for yourself and download now!

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