Introducing KeeperChat® for Your Organization

Introducing KeeperChat®
for Your Organization

Protect employee communications with the most secure enterprise-grade messaging app.

The Most Secure Communication Product Available
for SMBs, SMEs and Large Enterprises

Businesses need to deploy a hyper-secure, enterprise messaging product to eliminate the risks associated with data leakage and unencrypted communications. KeeperChat improves workplace communication and brings with it the highest level of privacy and security to messaging in the digital age.

  • Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture

  • World-Class Data Protection

  • End-to-End Encryption

  • Enterprise Password Management Integration

  • GSA & SAM Certified for Government Use

  • SOC2 Type 1 and Type 2 Certified

  • HIPAA, DPA and FINRA Compliant

Now Available as a Secure Add-On for
Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

Companies and organizations can purchase it as an add-on for their Keeper Business or Keeper Enterprise account. Contact Sales to learn how KeeperChat can augment your current security position.

Zero-Knowledge, Encrypted
Security Architecture

KeeperChat is fast, easy to use and far more secure than any other product in the industry. It protects your information with a zero-knowledge security architecture, multiple layers of encryption for data at rest and in transit, 256-bit AES encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation.

Enhance Security with 2FA

Admins can enforce the use of two-factor authentication using a variety of secure, enterprise-grade methods including Keeper DNA® (patented smartwatch authentication), Google Authenticator, RSA SecurID, DUO, Biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and Secure SMS.

Customizable Role Enforcements & Policies

KeeperChat is deployed and controlled via the Keeper Admin Console. It supports internal control policies and role enforcements for all KeeperChat accounts in your organization. Mandate biometric logins when possible and lock down access with IP address whitelisting.

Fast and Dynamic Provisioning

User provisioning is simple with KeeperChat. Keeper offers a variety of provisioning methods for SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises. Methods include email auto-provisioning, synchronization with Active Directory / LDAP and other popular methods. It can even integrate with your existing Enterprise SSO solution.

Target Strict Compliance Environments

Businesses requiring and conducting confidential communication will benefit immediately from KeeperChat. Healthcare professionals, law firms, governments, financial services and banking organizations require strict compliance to confidentiality deal with confidential patient, client and an individual’s personally-identifiable information.

  • GSA
  • SOC2
  • DPA
  • SAM

Protect Your Organization with Private, Hyper-Secure Messaging Solution

Companies need a comprehensive communication and collaboration tool with the convenience of messaging apps, to access both inside and outside the office, with added control, privacy and usability features. With KeeperChat, businesses are able to discuss and send private information in a secure and confidential manner.
  • Reliable Messaging and Secure Cloud Backup

    KeeperChat utilizes Amazon AWS to host and operate its encrypted Cloud Security VaultTM providing customers with backup binary files of their encrypted data. Available offline with complete data retention and chat history.

  • Powerful Messaging Control

    Messages can be set to various-levels of strong encryption with advanced PBKDF2 settings, retracted, self-destructed using a variable timer without leaving a trace. Users can also delete the entire conversations.

  • Encrypted, Private Media Gallery

    KeeperChat includes a secure, encrypted media gallery for all message attachments and any photo or video operation performed inside the KeeperChat vault. Images and videos taken inside KeeperChat are stored in your vault - not on the device’s camera roll. Screenshots can be monitored and prevented on mobile devices.

  • Cross-Platform Functionality and Availability

    Message from any smartphone, tablet or computer, even at the same time. Message history sync across all your devices, and can be retained indefinitely for strict data-retention policies or self-destructed for ephemeral policies.

  • Enhanced Data Security and Workplace Privacy

    With Keeper’s unmatched privacy and security architecture, messages are securely encrypted and stored in each employee’s digital vault. Only the permitted recipient(s) can access on their device.

  • Team and Group Chats

    Secure group chats allow everyone from the Executive Team discussing important corporate actions to IT Security Teams communicating highly sensitive and private information.