Message from Keeper’s Founders – Introducing KeeperChat!

Message from Keeper’s Founders – Introducing KeeperChat!

To the Keeper Community,

We greatly value and appreciate the relationship we have with our customers and stakeholders. We talk to them about online security, privacy and their unmet needs in the market. There was a frequent request to bolster their existing Keeper experience with world-class, encrypted messaging. Based on market research, most of the traditional messaging products lacked security, multi-device sync and didn’t have a private media gallery – one that was completely secure and not stored on the device’s camera roll.

Today, people don’t talk on the phone very much – in fact, the vast majority prefer to text. Last year alone, over 7 trillion text messages were sent from mobile devices. Over 2 billion text messages are sent every day.

For the past 18 months, we’ve been quietly designing and building the most secure, cross-platform messaging app for your devices. We call it KeeperChat. Today, we’re announcing its public release and availability for all of your mobile devices and computers.

Download KeeperChat Now

We created KeeperChat with the same zero-knowledge security architecture and platform as our Keeper password management solution – all of the messages, photos and videos sent with KeeperChat are fully encrypted and protected from hackers and prying eyes.

When you sign up, you can use your same Keeper email address, Master Password and biometric (Fingerprint or Face ID) to login. You can invite family members, co-workers, colleagues and friends for secure messaging. Your chat messages are encrypted and stored in a military-grade vault with self-destruct protection, 2FA and the same advanced security features as your Keeper password product. You’ll also enjoy message retraction, self-destruct and deletion capabilities, to give you complete control over the messages you send and receive. KeeperChat also features a private media gallery – so your photos and videos sent within the product stay inside your KeeperChat vault, not on the camera roll of your device.

Is KeeperChat Free?

KeeperChat is free to use up to 1GB of messaging and media gallery storage. It includes unlimited devices, five message retractions and self-destruct functions per day. Our KeeperChat Plus paid plan gives you unlimited devices, unlimited message retraction, self-destruct and 20GB of secure file storage.

Get KeeperChat Plus

What Features are Coming Next for KeeperChat?

Over the coming months, we have several exciting releases planned, including the following major features and capabilities:

– KeeperChat Family Plan
– KeeperChat Business & Enterprise
– Encrypted Voice & Video Chat

We would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or need help with KeeperChat, send us an email to

Darren Guccione
CEO, Keeper Security

Craig Lurey
CTO, Keeper Security